Cancer Institute of BGI-Research

1. Missions of Cancer Research Institute

Oriented towards the precise research of the new standards of cancer prevention and treatment, the Institute explores and integrates the state-of-art scientific technologies related to life omics and cancer medicine and analyzes the cancer mechanism. In order to realize cancer prediction and prevention, early detection, precise diagnosis, effective treatment and accurate monitoring, the Institute conducts the prospective study based on scientific theory, technological realization, data interpretation, knowledge improvement and production transformation.

2. Visions of Cancer Research Institute

Centered on genetic technology, the Institute will build the internationally leading research platform for basic cancer science and clinical application, and build the scientific research power featuring integrated wisdom of science, continuous innovative and creative capability and conformance to future demands for life medicine.

3. Main Research Topics of Cancer Research Institute

1)  Cancer System Biology
Investigate the comprehensive characteristics of cancers using multi-omics data, to dissect the biological mechanism of carcinogenesis through the strategy of system biology.

2)  Cancer Evolutionary Ecology
Characterize cancer heterogeneity and evolutionary dynamics through core technology of single-cell omics and develop application platform for single-cell manipulation.

3) Cancer Precision Medicine
Integrated big-data analysis base on large cohort to explore significance and  solutions for cancer precise prevention, diagnosis, therapy and monitoring, in the sight of clinical research

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