Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Chemistry aims to explore high-value and high-threshold new chemical and biochemical reagents as well as precise cutting-edge application technologies and to play a fundamental role of chemistry in the upper reaches of BGI product lines and actively expand cooperation both inside and outside BGI.

The institute of chemistry has five labs, which are organic synthesis production lab, Organic Synthesis R & D Lab, Oligonucleotide Synthesis Platform, Surface Chemistry Lab and Chemiluminescence lab.

The Organic Synthesis Production Lab:

The synthesis of BGISEQ and other sequencing platforms requires a variety of dNTPs reagents.

Organic Synthesis R & D Lab:

Develop new dNTPs reagents and fluorescent dyes, optimize synthesis methods, reduce sequencing costs and improve sequencing quality.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Platform:

Develop and manufacture the synthetic oligonucleotides (DNA and RNA). In-house production of raw materials (phosphonamidites, reagents & solvents).  Research and develop the procedure of automated oligo synthesis and purification systems result in superior quality oligonucleotides.

Surface Chemistry Lab:

Develop surface modification and characterization methods, design innovative gene chips, optimize DNB loading methods to reduce sequencing cost and improve sequencing quality

Chemiluminescence lab:

Optimize Ecoli sequencing reagent formulation to improve reagent stability and sequencing quality. Ensure reagent supply, including labeled antibody, and formulation update for Shenzhen's Team.

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