The Institute of Precision Oncology

In order to treat cancer and other complex diseases including hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension, researchers at the Institute of Precision Oncology of BGI have established powerful bioinformatics and experimental platforms. Using these platforms our researchers are investigating the molecular basis of cancer initiation, and develop new intervention and therapeutic methods including antibody constructing, cell engineering, and gene editing technologies for cancer treatment. We have accomplished the process of application conversion, are collaborating with hospital to conduct preliminary clinical trials of anticancer antibodies we developed, by. Our researches have laid a foundation for a wider clinical application of precision medical care.

The Institute has four laboratories, which are respectively immunoengineering Research Laboratory, Antibody Drug Research Laboratory, Precision Intervention Medical Transformation Laboratory, Cellular Genetics and Oncology: Single Cell Omics; and the main research filed involves: tumor immunocyte therapy, tumor vaccine, gene therapy, nanobody diagnosis and targeted therapy technology, single-cell antibody technology, tumor neoantigen biological information technology, and study of tumor immune microenviroment, tumor evolution, organ development and other biological problems with single-cell omics technology.

  • Professor Shi Jiahai City University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Wang Kewei Qingdao University
  • Dr.Kang Chen Wayne State University
Tel: 86 (0755) 3635 2085
Fax: 86 (0755) 3630 7273
Postal code: 518083
Contact address: 5F, Comprehensive Building, Beishan Industrial Park, Yantian District, Shenzhen
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