About US

BGI-research is a non-profit institution focusing on multi-omics based researches and applications in life sciences, biotechnology and medical fields.


01. To achieve breakthroughs in fundamental researches and advancing technologies and become the driving force leading biological industrial developing.

02. To build the omics platform and core algorithms for high throughput and low cost omics data generation and analysis, and support applications in healthcare and agriculture.

03. To plan and carry out big data scientific research projects, achieve scientific milestones and set up industrial standards.

04. To be the pioneer of life science researches and industries.


16 institutes:

  • Future agriculture:

    Marine Institute

    The Institute of New Agricultural Resource

    Institute of Biodiversity Genomics

  • Platform and technology:

    Institute of Biochemistry

    Institute of Chemistry

    Protein engineering Institute

    Institute of Bioinformation

    Lab Automation Research Institute

    Institute of Omics Detection Technology

    Institute of Genome Synthesis and Editing

  • Future healthcare:

    The Institute of Maternal and Child Health Research

    Cancer Research Institute

    The Institute of Precision Oncology

    The Institute of Health and Aging

    The Institute of Metagenomics Research

    Infection Omics Research Institute

  • Guarantee support:

    Sharing and Supporting Center

Achievements obtained:

up to March 27, 2018. 13 bioinformatics software packages, 2000+ peer reviewed publications and 100+ patents.
2439 papers (1994 papers were published in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and have been cited for 127,834 times ); 353 papers were published on GCNNS. (Giga science,Cell series,Nature,New Engl J Med ,Science and serials )

For more details,click: http://www.genomics.cn/navigation/show_navigation?nid=2503


  • 14 key laboratories:

    National Laboratory of Agricultural Genomics

    Genomics Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture (under construction)

    Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Key Laboratory of Human Disease Genomics

    Guangdong Provincial Key Enterprise Laboratory of Development and Application of Crop’s Core Resources

    Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Penetrating Omics and Bioinformatics Core Technology

    Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Marine Genomics

    Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology Genomics and Application

    Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Human Symbiotic Microorganism and Health Research

    Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Forensic Science

    Guangdong Provincial key laboratory of high throughput genome sequencing and synthesis and editing application


  • 7 engineering laboratories:

    Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Proteomics

    Shenzhen Laboratory of Birth Defects Screening

    Shenzhen Laboratory of Clinical Molecular Diagnosis

    Shenzhen Laboratory of Proteomics

    Shenzhen Laboratory of Animal Genome Assistant Breeding

    Shenzhen Laboratory of Crop Molecular Design and Aggregation Breeding


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